The FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA project presents
a new perspective and a fresh interpretation
of prayer through a variety of experimental
expressions beyond convention.

14 July 2024



16 Nov. 2016


2016.11.16 - 11.29 Kyodo

清水寺では、特別な法要や行事に加え、僧侶の営みや季節の風景などの日常を写真や映像でつぶさに記録し、仏像やお堂といった形あるものだけでなく、無形の文化を継承していくためのプロジェクト[FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA]に取り組んできました。2016年に開催したFEEL KIYOMIZUDERAプロジェクト初の写真展では、2012年から撮りためた寺院の側から見た祈りの光景を記録した数々の写真を展示しました。

We at Kiyomizu-dera Temple have been working on a project called “FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA” to record the day-to-day lives of the monks and the seasonal landscapes, as well as the special Buddhist services, rituals, and events. The aim of the project is to pass on to the next generation the intangible spirit of the cultural property that appears in photos and videos, as well as tangible assets such as Buddhist images and temple structures. In 2016, our project bore its first fruit in the form of a photo exhibition, titled “INSIGHT.” In this exhibition, we displayed a host of photos capturing a variety of scenes of prayer from the unique perspective of the temple.

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