The FEEL KIYOMIZUDERA project presents
a new perspective and a fresh interpretation
of prayer through a variety of experimental
expressions beyond convention.

18 June 2024



17 Aug. 2022


2022.6 Sai-mon


I wish to express the concept of 'living in the present moment' in perpetual time.

Since the birth of this world, this universe and its vast amount of information have continued to expand. All of this is contained within time. We are swayed and misled by the overflowing information group of abundance, and we lose sight of it without realizing it ourselves.

I believe that we need to remove the "abundance" and extract what is truly important.
That is a process of taking ourselves apart and reconstructing ourselves from the minutest of details.
We have created works that reduces the surface resolution, increases the resolution of the mind, and expands our options rather than derive answers.

Kensaku Kakimoto

“ 永久の時の中で、『今この一瞬をいきている』という概念を表現したい。





Kiyomizu-dera Temple has been a holy place where the deity Kannon’s great compassion prevails, the temple has long been open to citizens of all classes. Since ancient times and a point of exchange for learning and art. Kensaku Kakimoto created the theme of time and expressed the concept of "living in the present moment" at this universal place of prayer that still exists after 1,200 years.

In this exhibition, presented "TIME," a new series of works that capture light and time that have traveled through the macrocosm for tens of millions of years on a single film, and "KAN-NON," a new series featuring the main deity, the Eleven-headed Thousand-armed Kannon Bodhisattva.

These works were created with "Saimon", West Gate as their setting. The sunset representing the Paradise that pours into "Saimon" was made watermarked on a photograph taken beforehand, and the work was completed by photographing the sunset again. He also presented a new series, "Sky Tunnel," which is a further development of the AI series "Time Tunnel" presented last year.
Through these works, which trap perpetual light, Mr. Kakimoto has created a new place for prayer.



これらの作品は、西門を舞台に制作されました。西門に注ぎ込む極楽浄土を表す夕陽を、あらかじめ撮影した写真に透かし、再び撮影することで作品を完成させています。さらに、昨年発表されたAI現像シリーズ「Time Tunnel」をさらに発展させた新シリーズ「Sky Tunnel」も発表。永久の光を閉じ込めたこれらの作品群を通して、柿本氏により新たな祈りの場を創出しました。

Kyodo-Hall 天体画像提供:国立天文台




Kensaku Kakimoto
filmmaker / photographer

Creating many video works, he also works as a photographer, including advertising photography and artist portraits. Many of his works are condensed with the heat of the subject, the air and time floating around it, which are considered impossible to express in language. The boundary between the imaginary and the real is represented and visualized as if it were real. The fragments of the subject's life and delicate emotions create a fluctuation that evokes an overwhelming beauty and power. In contrast, in his photographic works, he abandons staging and continues to unconsciously capture fragments of the world in front of his eyes. Furthermore, he strives for an expression that abstracts the concrete, and creates works on the theme of time.



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